I have a question about Adult Tube website


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Dec 31, 2008
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I wonder how their website is still up, while 100% of their content is copyrighted material from other website ?

What trick are they using that webhost company dont remove all the files on their server.

and Can a adult movie making company send them a DMCA letter and ask them to remove all their movies ?
Is it profitable to run an adult tube website

I mean does the earning cover the hosting and bandwidth spending
and isnt it saturated ?
I think the idea they work with on the tube sites is that you can watch clips for free but if you want to download content you need to pay at least the $10 min membership charge.

The adult sites like that make out well because they supply a large number of addicts who want to see "new" content and also they want to download it. Figure $10 X 10 persons in a day, or better yet in an hour you are getting a pretty fair scratch.

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