I have a Lot of Questions Regarding GAds for Gambling. Would you be Kind to Answer?


Nov 10, 2021
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Hi Guys. Maybe this is not the Forum to open this Threat, and in that case please Admin I would appreciate if you move it to where it belongs.
I'm a Newbie in this world of Google Ads for Gambling, I'm working with a friend and I'm in charge of this Google Ads Section of the Business.
I beg for your help clearing out some Doubts I have about all this... Please guys, I would really appreciate it....
  • I'm going to Start using a VPS to run my Ads. Is Amazon VPS Safe to run Ads? Is there a Country you think it might work better for this?

  • Does the Currency or Country I open the Account matters? Like for Example, is it better to open Account from a 3rd world country or a 1st world country? Should I use USD or Local Currency?

  • Does the Email Age really matters? I mean, I have a couple of Gmails from years ago that have never enter Google Ads System, are they good prospects to open GAds or what matters is the age of the Google Ads registration?

  • I have been told VPN's are not Safe for running Ads, is this True?

I have many more Questions, but I think I have done enough for now. Please guys, help me up a little here...
Thanks in Advance.
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