I have a few dozen blogs that are not yet indexed...


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Sep 3, 2010
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How can I get them indexed? Is social bookmarking the solution? They've been online for weeks now.
Use stat sites (there's a tool or two on this forum somewhere).

Social bookmarking on a few sites will get you indexed too.

Just give something for the Google spider to follow.
Here's a little trick - Make a new Gmail account, Go to your profile, Add you website and you should be indexed within a day or two. And if you still don't get indexed, try submitting your feeds to top feed directories. Google bots are all over them. Trust me!
If you still don't get indexed, well read some more threads about indexing and try them all.

Good luck!
Here are some pretty nice tips to get your site index. (These are not my methods, I just want to share how others do it)

(1) I submit it to digg,
(2) i submit it to clipmarks; and
(3) I ping it through pingler

1. Digg
2. Mr-wong bookmark the digg page AND the site directly
3. Take the Mr Wong bookmark RSS feeds and submit them to about 10 aggregators
4. Use a random html-to-RSS to create a feed for the site (if it doesn't have one)
5. Bookmark the newly created rss feed
6. Twitter the bookmark url, the site url, the rss feed urls.
6. Ping the bookmarks, the digg page, the mr-wong rss feeds, the site feed,the bookmarks of the feed and the twitter page.
7. Twitter page is already bookmarked, so I ping the bookmark of the twitter page as well.

Use this website identi.ca

Hope that helps. :)


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