i have a fetish "adult" blog on blogger and want to have ads

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Powefull Army, Jan 12, 2017.

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    in the future i plan to put ads on my blog but there is a common and stupid and pointless rules about pornographic contents in most ads networks, and google doesn't even let bloggers to put adult ads on their blogs. not regular and not even adult ads, what is the point in not letting adult sites to put regular ads on their site? its look like there is kids in google that enjoying too much from their influence and their ability to make rules like that..

    anyway there is some ad network that can agree to put ads on my blog and can actually give me significant money per 1000 impressions? i heard about bitcoin ad networks and some other kind of ad networks scams that "gives" you fractions of a dollar(or a WHOLE dollar if they are really generous...) for tens of thousands of unique impressions while giving you the illusion of earning.

    its seems like google(and other ad networks with stupid and pointless rules) just made sure that fetish and adult blogs couldn't do any kind of real money from their blogs.