I have a client that wants a custom mailing solution done, has a budget.

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    I have a client that wants to be able to send a large amount of mail. They already have inter spire
    and are using an email verifier but still having a low inbox rate. My guess is they need a custom IP
    rotation script of some type done. Please PM me if you can set this up or can guide me in the right
    direction. I know the basics of mailing but can't scale it up to the levels they want and wanted me
    to find some assistance, they are paying.

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    The reason for using multiple IP's is to diversify the number of IP's mail is coming from. Say you have 10 IP addresses assigned to your VPS server - this can cost you as little as $10/month - you send about 10% of the emails down each IP address and check daily the status of those IP's on the Spam Blacklists. If one of your IP's is flagged, through it away and request a new IP from your VPS provider. The other 90% of the emails you sent out won't have been effected by the blacklisting of just 1 IP address.

    To improve your Inbox rate you need to make sure you are doing:
    - Ensure the content is well laid out / professional looking and not overtly spammy (keyword density etc.)
    - Reverse DNS mappings for your IP addresses for your SMTP servers,
    - Set a 'Sender Policy Framework' record in the DNS for the sending domain designating that these SMTP server addresses are authorized to mail for this domain,
    - Make sure your SMTP server is configured to use DomainKeys and has the appropriate bits in the DNS records for it, its another type of 'authenticity' that is checked for by the major providers,

    You can easily achieve this using free/open-source software that will work with any Linux VPS and cost you not more than $15-20/month. Alternatively you could look at how the big-boys like Aweber and MailChimp do it, their pricing is also quite competitive if you don't want the hassle of guaranteeing mail delivery.