I don't think affiliate companies care if you are using blackhat or whitehat method. If they are not getting charge backs and increase in complaints, no one care.
Ideally I'd promote amazon affiliate, but I've heard loads of people say amazon will just ban my ass if I spam links everywhere
If you can grow adult accounts you can make money with adult cpa offers
Ogads bans you?
Promote your dropshipping products,
Build a site and post affiliate links? That a little bit better than direct link, maybe some Amazon offers with affiliate?
Clickbanks? Binance affiliate?
Sell a course/ebook/guide on evergreen niches, body weight loss etc.. Or on how to make money/get followers, grow on tik tok.

Maybe will help, if yes, I will you share only to me the method! Obv will keep secret.
Could you give an example of which guys to use? Have you tried any succesfully?
iMonetizeit,Adverten,Lospollos,Crakrevenue, ive worked with all of these with facebook traffic and was converting really well.If you have premium traffic you can make good money.If you want to have a JV or share ideas pm your telegram.
Im in the 40-50k$/month range on onlyfans without tiktok, if what ur saiying is true ill sign new model tomorow and we will make that much per week if not more. Dm if interested
my method is blackhat, so and hard to show proof of, Brand will not trust me, shoutouts probably wont trust me either, Affilate marketing would work but which affiliate companies accept blackhat/spammy people into their program, any ideas?
So, the views aren't real people? I'm confused. As long as real people are viewing your account and clicking and buying, it doesn't matter
I was wondering about the demo too.

It sounds like a JV or CPS deal would be best, just look for a company that is selling a product on spec for your demo. For example, hemp vapes if you have a lot of males in their 20's.
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