I have 3000 dollar to spend on SEO Software this Month. Please SUGGEST.

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    I made a target. I achieved that.
    I need to reinvest in the business, starting with a small sum of 3000 USD.

    I am definitely getting for software like Scrapebox and all as they are dirt cheap, but other members experiences about the same products will be welcome.

    A) Current Product
    I want suggestions from valued expert on BHW forum for other software, specially the costly ones like SE Nuke, Xrumer, Blacklinks Pro and others like LFE, Incansoft software, Serpassist, SeoLinkPro, Linkfarms, Semrush, Searchmetrics, Ravenseo, Diyseo, Forumpostrobot, and the related monthly associated maintenance cost, in term of money, but more importantly time in learning and maintenance.

    What would be best strategy to diversify the ars enal, both Blackhat and WhiteHat, I can try the wild site.

    I dont want to go all hog out but still want to be practical and reasonable and logical in this small investment as a start. If result are good can go all hog.
    Looking for open minded out of box thinkers to show ways and ready for mutually beneficial relationships.

    If somebody can tell for :
    - Websites
    - Blogs
    - Articles
    - Forums

    (If you peddling own services, write a small writeup or preferably a direct link to details of the product, specially if any special discounts for BHW members, and try to be knowledgeable so that other BHW member gain from my experience and send me a PM with all info if possible)

    B) Futuristic Solution (BlackHat / WhiteHat)

    Any suggestions for a software product or services that will have ALL FEATURES in 1 or 2 product / services rather than diversified product, and reasonable cost for same. Like cPanel/ Webmin Integrated Se Nuke / Xrumer kind of clones.

    I can get a team of programmers organized to develop existing products /software or services with their current features and add extra features and then sell at a reasonable cost. Imagine xRumer in 150 Dollar. Se Nuke in 200 Dollar, something of that range.

    I need a Business Analyst / Experts with strong functional experience in their individual domain to guide the programmers, who can give the team guidance and suggestions for WhiteHat and BlackHat Products/Services. I am sure they can crack anything

    And a after sales team for hand-holding people on using the product in optimal fashion and developing intensive Tutorials during the development phase.

    Thanks a heap in advance.

    (Keep The Faith)