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    Jun 22, 2013
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    So my first question is about the exchange network called Websyndic which is very popular. I like using it but it uses TONS of bandwidth. Like 1GB per hour/ 45 minutes, which is insanely high. I notice some people are 24/7 botting, and I don't think that it is unlimited bandwidth. Maybe some sort of bot that doesn't require as much bandwidth, just like Instagram bots? I don't really know if such a thing exists, but when I Google for WebSyndic bot, something does show up on TheBotNet, but it is currently down :(

    Next, is about Instagram. I have a shoutout page that is at 10k followers at the moment :)() and I want to know the best way to promote it. I gain about 500+ followers per day, but there are some really popular ones like @10k_shoutout_u which gain 20k+ per day and I would like to get to that point. As well, when I get to a high amount of followers (100k?) I will probably be selling shoutouts. at 100k, Fiverr seems like the best option, but when should I be moving away from it to higher prices? Like how many followers is enough to get to like $8+ per shoutout? I know you can make a ton of money with shoutouts, but just not sure what prices. What would you be willing to pay?

    Thank you for any help :)