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i have 2 big proplems,help plz

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by programlover, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. programlover

    programlover Guest

    i have 2 big proplems with my blog

    1- duplicate urlsi use main categories and subcategories, in Permalink Structure i use "/%category%/%category%/%postname%/" tag to permit my posts appear in subcategories
    and really it appears ,but my urls duplicated
    example: i have main category Technolg and sub Digiatal camera
    my urls appears http://www.MYSITE.com/technology/digital-camera/technology/digital-camera/Post/

    what can i do please to make my posts appears in subcategories without duplicate urls
    Note:when i use tag ""%category%/%postname%/ " my posts dont appear in subcategories , ang subcategory give me "No posts found"while post have the link to subcategory !:eek:

    2- 2nd issue:
    when i use this site http://www.smart-it-consulting.com/internet/google/googlebot-spoofer/index.htm to see how google see my blog i found very big proplem
    " numbers and letters appears beside contents that gives different meaning to my posts and contents" see pic:confused:

    Plugins i use:Ajax Comment Posting,Akismet,All in One SEO Pack,AskApache Google 404,Auto Social Poster,Broken Link Checker,Category Base Killer,Enforce www. Preference,FeedBurner FeedSmith,Get The Image,Global Translator,Google XML Sitemaps,Homepage Excerpts,Nofollow Those Dupes,Simple Tags,WassUp,WP-DBManager "

    please help me in my proplems

    Thanks BHW.

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  2. programlover

    programlover Guest

    anybody here can help me???

  3. Tilt4832

    Tilt4832 Regular Member

    Feb 25, 2008
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    Over the Rainbow
    I ran a couple of my blogs through the site, I get nothing like what you are showing. Great advertising for the site though.

    Have you tried some process of elimination troubleshooting? Take Half of whatever off, plugins, feeds, templates, settings at default, run test, evaluate results, rinse and repeat.

    Ask empowering questions of yourself, what could be causing this, how can I best test this, what would the best solution be...

    I have football to watch, GL
  4. a0rta

    a0rta Regular Member

    May 3, 2008
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    Travel Agency owner - Recently outsourced my clien