I have 100YT accounts and 100 proxies - what now?


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Jul 29, 2010
Hi Guys,

I have purchased 100 YouTube accounts, and I have paid for a proxy source that will send me emails every day containing the proxies. Someone on this forum mentioned that the source provides 100 good proxies per day, or similar.

That aside, can anyone spark some ideas up for me?

No, I don't want you to tell me how you make your money exactly, nor do I want a step-by-step guide. I know no one is willing to part with that, neither would I, I guess, if I had invested a lot of time into perfecting something.

I am hoping I can get more of a 'general' response in what to do, without people needing to give away their secrets. Although it does seem quite lazy of me to make this thread, and maybe some people will be inclined to call me lazy and instruct me to do some reading, I would like to just say I do hours of reading on this forum a day, and each day I come on here I find a new idea that could potentially make me money.

It eventually became too much... new idea every day and my head was spinning. So, I went ahead, bought the proxy list and the YouTube accounts and the program YouTube Advertise. I have all of these at my disposal, and I am confident that if I had the right idea, I could use all of these to try and make some money.

I know that it is discussed that money can be made in several ways:

- Download popular videos, re-brand and re-upload with the watermark as your affiliate URL or leave URL in description etc.

And every other idea seems to stem from that. Basically, sending the traffic to your URL which will make you money.

I am with a CPA marketing company, "StrongerAds" run by a moderator on this forum. I am approved and I can use their adds to make money, but I am wondering if there are perhaps other ways to approach the marketing than just uploading heaps of videos / spamming comments to everyone.

Perhaps there is a better way than CPA?

Thanks for reading and I will give "thanks" where deserved, I appreciate everyones help and as you can see by my stats, I actively thank people for their contrubutions.

Kindest Regards
buy best youtube software..u need to upload hundreds per day videos

u mAy look at youtube advertiser/seobynumber/tube detonator
IMHO your just off the mark completely.
You have neglected the core thing here. Neiche. Your Keyword. Your thing.
All your saying is you either used a tool to make a few fakes or manually did.
It dont matter.
You have yet to show a single marketing idea. To just have domains is not enough.
Hell its almost wasted money.
You need an IDEA..... You need to market that idea. The amount of forums or ips is only relative to success.
People often say this...
You make $1 from one site then do it 1000 times and make $1000 yea?
You dont offer a site that can make $1. You might as well say i know fuck all and need to know everythin. IMHO anyway.
Thanks for your input guys.

Rambo07, I have purchased YouTube advertiser software which is probably one of the better softwares out there! :)


I can agree that maybe I don't know as much as the 'gurus' but I think you have stepped a little out of what was a 'necessary' comment.

I was talking about 'general' ideas of making money. Did you read that part? In my first post/start of the thread, I even took the liberty of putting the general in 'brackets' to EMPHASISE I was not asking for SPECIFIC advice.

Before I look at keywords, surely I need to set my mind on a MODE OF INCOME? Right? Sure, I can make a list of top keywords or choose a niche (which I already have a couple of niches that I am interested in) but how can I monetise without the general idea of how to make money with YouTube? example - what is effective? Uploading hundreds of videos with watermark / link in desciption? Inviting a lot of friends to my YT account's and posting bulletin to show on all their walls? Posting video responses to popular videos with my video to increase views and gain traffic? Spam popular videos with link / website that redirects to affiliate offer? First I think I need to know which to choose, because keywords or niches alone won't make a dime.

Thanks for your opinion, I do value it and at least someone will read my reply to your post and perhaps understand my perspective a little better, so I am still thankful for it.

However, you really have gone quite far with your assumption.

General ideas come first.
Then comes a more refined method to build upon the 'general' idea, and this is where you target your niche with specific keywords.

Thanks again for the replies. DAMINK, please don't take this post disrespectfully but as I mentioned above, I think your assumption was uncalled for and incorrect.

Thanks has been given to show my appreciation for your time.
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