I Hate H2-OH Hosting...

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    I need to vent here about this f*ucked up shady hosting company.

    Don't use them! You probably have not heard of them and I don't
    know how popular they are, but if you run into them and are tempted
    to sign up run far away!

    I probably should of closed my account from the start when it took
    two weeks and countless emails before they even sent my welcome
    email and cPanel info and they finally called and left a message with
    some bull sh*t excuse on how they were sending it and I must of
    given them the wrong email address.

    First off there support sucks and they make it near impossible to
    contact them. No phone number, only email and they recently took
    the live chat off there site. I wonder why?

    Secondly, the service sucks! I recently put a site monitor in the past
    couple of months and I had up to 40 outages in one month!

    When I would contact them they kept on telling me they were working
    on it and it took them nearly two weeks to fix the problem.

    They also selectively answer support emails. After my outages incident
    my site was down again once more and they never told me why.

    Finally I said f*ck it and made the smartest choice I should of done
    a long time ago and went back to Host Gator which is now my favorite
    and I can sleep well at night knowing they won't f*uck me.

    When it came to cancel my account H2-OH makes it very difficult.

    First they don't even tell you how to do it. You have to search through
    the site and buried in the FAQ's in the terms link is instructions on how
    to cancel.

    So I followed there instructions and was very professional and requested
    my account to be closed and asked they confirm with an email. At no time
    was I ever nasty to them or threatened them.

    So two faxes and two emails later I still get no confirmation. Finally I
    tried support and wrote a real long letter asking why my emails and faxes
    were being ignored and just wanted an explanation to why my support
    emails were never answered and why I never got a confirmation.

    After forwarding the same email 3 times I finally got stupid one sentence
    reply saying "your account has been closed as requested"

    Anyway, the moral of this story is don't do business with these shady
    motherf*uckers and never sign up with any webhost that makes it real
    difficult to contact them.

    If you are looking for really reliable web hosting that is affordable then
    use Host Gator. I will gladly recommend them to anyone over these
    f*ucking scumbags over at H2-OH

    Here's a big F*UCK YOU! to H2-OH! I hope your f*ucking servers fry. :)
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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Thanks for letting everyone know. I would hate it this happened to me.
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    Apr 11, 2008
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    The internet use to be such a peaceful place....