I got the bots! let's jv!

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    Dec 9, 2011
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    Alright so i've been inactive for a while due to personal issues, completyl moved continents and now im back in the usa. Things are finally get back on there feet.
    Right now im pretty outdated on whats going on in the IM world. Idk what works and what dousnt.

    I made this thread because right now im looking for a partner, someone to work with and make some money.

    What i have to offer is my 3 year IM knowledge and all my latest bots

    I currently have..

    GSA Search Engine Ranker
    GSA Decaptcher (forgot the offical name)
    xGram Bot
    Tweet Demon

    and some other ones.

    Before you even try it, no i will not send you the bot upfront and give you a free license while you bullshit me and do your own thing.
    This is a legit attempt on finding someone to work with who is gonna give in as much time as me and dedicate. Everything is 50/50

    Pm me if interested.