I got problem- bought 8 years old domain, but after 7 days, it dropped to 0 years!!!


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Apr 20, 2009
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Hi members!

I got problem with recently bought domain (8 years old), now 0 years!

Google dropped it to zero. So i don't understand why??

Could somebody explain how to buy domains and don't let lose age???

Your domain should never lose age....even if its a spam site the domain has age for future owners use. You sure it went to zero?
I read one of the reputed members saying here that age goes to 0 for every new whois registration which happens when you buy a domain. They even mentioned that even if the popular indicators say that the domain is old, Google knows better that you have just bough the domain and considers it fresh.
i have no idea how OP says its gone to 0 years.what are the indicators that made you conclude that way?Because i bought a 10+ year old domain and it is fine.no problems at all.And as most SEO experts say,the old domain is begin really useful too.no sandbox whatsoever.
So no possible to kept age???? :weep:(

You need to do more research to find this out for yourself. Go to Google and type this exactly and read through all the threads out there.

"domain age"+site:blackhatworld.com
The domain keep its age when passed to a new whois, but as the person above has said, if the domain expires at all then it does loose its age. - so if ebay domain expired today, and tomorrow someone registered it, then it would be age 0
You should be transferring ownership from the old owner to you if you want to maintain the age, if you purchased a domain and not transferring, of course it will dropped to zero.
This thread if from 2010... I'm hoping he figured out his problem by now lol. Worst case scenario the site is now 5 years old.
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