I got ideas..any advice?

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    I've been throwing around some ideas, nothing new. Just things I've attempted or want to.

    1) TV/Movie site

    These types of sites are so saturated and everyone and their mom has one. I just got done reading a thread from 2009 and it seems like most people have trouble driving traffic. Social sites, tube sites, and article submission seem to be the main traffic sources and people are reporting going from $500 a day down to $50. I'd hate to put in the time and money to a failed IM model. That's what stops me from pursuing this. I'd buy the domain, buy content locker pro, set up wordpress, and buy a decent theme. Then have no traffic. I've come to find out you can build the best site in the world, but if you have no traffic to monetize it's pointless.

    2) IM Service Reseller

    I thought about setting up a site where people can buy services or accounts. For example, Facebook, Gmail, PVA's etc. They could also buy services like link building or article creation. Basically go through the service providers here on BHW and sell their services/product for them. I wanted to have a blog on the main page and review products / services. Then have a cart button where people could just add accounts and place orders through PayPal with the required information if I'm doing link building or social bookmarking etc. I would figure out a decent profit margin and just work on advertising on other forums. Being a middle man I would just be selling other people's services and could just work on marketing. Have an email list where I send people who subscribe free ebooks and programs I find as well as advertise service providers. Then have the option for people to pay for advertising on my site. Nothing is really holding me back from starting this just wanted an opinion on it.

    3) Ad postings

    I read a thread about a guy who has something like 1300 campaigns in his CLAD and thought wow how awesome is that. If that's the truth or not is debatable. It inspired me to think of a few methods. I got an old one where I post an item for sale, then they email me and I respond back with a CPA offer. I was pulling in about $10 a day with that. I would need Black Hat Auto Responder to manage the emails. I'd have to buy PVA's and IP's, eventually CLAD or some other posting software. I had a job method where I would post stuff like "your computer + this job = free rent" and I would post in the real estate section. I used Project Payday for that. Dealing with ads sticking or being flagged along with the low response rate from backpage was just too much for me. I didn't have the capitol to buy the tools I needed to make it work. I just read another method that was posting real estate ads, driving them to a MFA site trying to find the "house for sale" eventually clicking an ad. These methods just seem so petty when you can't scale up. Making $10 a day is like really? All that and I got $10 for today?

    4) Media Buys

    Ideally this is what I'd like to do. What happened to posting an advertisement then being able to make more then you spent for the ad? I'd love to pay $100 for an add and sell a product that cost $75 and make 2 sells and be in the green. I know it depends on the market niche and demographics, but isn't that the idea behind advertising? Spend money for a product only to make more than you?ve spent? I love this model and wish I could figure out a way to implement it. Maybe it's just from lack of exposure / research.

    Sorry for the verbal diarrhea. I'm expecting a lot of flaming for this thread. "You're not cut out for IM, quit now so the rest of us can have more money, blah- blah." The one or two responses in between all the BS is why I stay at this site. Anyone who has some productive opinions I'd love to hear them. I?ve been here since 09 also on other names before that and most people here are great and love to help out. Obviously my lack of success of making any real money online isn't from lack of effort. I've implemented numerous methods, some which I haven't shared, just not with any success. Maybe it's my perspective, maybe it's my attitude. Is $100 a day online really this hard to accomplish? I want the dream; just don't know how to get there. I know no one will spoon feed me, and i'm not expecting that. Just constructive opinions / critcism.