I got banned and trying to get back in with a DBA but have questions?

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    I got banned from a CPA network. I know I need to file a DBA and apply for a EIN number linking to the DBA. But I have some very important questions.

    1. When trying to apply to a CPA network using a DBA wont this raise red flags?

    2. I know I can use UPS store to get a new mailing address to use but I am told it is a UPS store address.... all the CPA network will have to do is a simple Google search on the street name address and see its a UPS store location. Will this be a problem?

    3. If I use a fake name on the CPA Application and the networks sees I am applying with a DBA wont they ask me for a copy of my drivers license or other proof to show I am who I say I am? What should I do if they ask me for proof? How can I avoid this?

    4. How many DBA's and EIN numbers can a person have? Are there limits? can I have 10 DBA's and 10 EIN numbers?

    5. Should I use my DBA name in the "first name" and "last name" fields on the CPA application?

    6. They will see the name I signed on my W-9 and could cross check their database.
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    This would really be dependent upon the CPA Network and how strict they were...

    If you got banned and are trying to get back in, then you're definitely going to have to put on your "black hat" and do some serious tap-dancing.

    I don't know the CPA Network you're speaking of, however, I would imagine that they would be suspicious of anyone using a non-personal SS number (ie, an EIN for DBA or Corporation). Since you're dealing with money over the internet, there are federal laws in place that protect against terrorism and money-laundering.

    My recommendation is that you set up a trust (you can find documentation on how to do this over the internet). When setting up a trust, you get a trust EIN (very similar to a personal SSN vs. a Corporate EIN) from the IRS. You can also open a bank account for the trust. Make someone (ie, your dog) the beneficiary, make yourself the trustee.

    You can name your Trust: "Michael Jackson trust dated October 22, 2009". This is the official name. When using your bank account credit/debit card, you'll only have enough space to use the first two words of the trust - so you'll enter first name: "Michael" and last name: "Jackson". If you do this on the application, it will definitely validate.

    In regards to DBA limits... I don't think there are any. You just have to make sure that everything gets fully reported to the IRS.

    About drop-boxes... Please don't use the UPS store. There has got to be a Mom-and-Pop-type mailbox store in your area. An individually owned store, where they have contracts with UPS and FEDEX, etc. These places are less likely to be listed on any nation-wide drop-box lists. These places will also allow you to use the term "Suite" instead of "PMB". DO NOT USE 'PMB' IN ANY APPLICATION. This raises red flags with EVERYONE.

    Dude, get a fake ID already. Or, make your own (be careful regarding ID services over the internet - about 99% of them are scams). If you are asked to send ID information in... they will usually ask you to send a copy of your DL or to fax them a copy of your DL. With some decent photoshop skills you'll be able to create a pretty good ID replica. In these instances, it also helps to know the laws of different states. For instance, a Georgia license can be "expired" and by Georgia law, can still be used as ID. Also, what's great about Georgia is that once your license is expired, your name is purged from the system (unless you renew). If they call the Georgia DMV, and your license shows that it is expired, it is highly likely that they'll believe the ID is genuine even though you are not in their system. **Double-check all state laws before attempting anything like this. This is only an example.**

    Best of luck with this...

    Even if you don't make it into the CPA network... keep in mind that doing all of the above stuff is quite fun, and a great learning experience!
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