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I found a way to use a Gr*n ● / [email protected]/-\rt card as my P.P.a.l.L Bank Account

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Fred2507, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Fred2507

    Fred2507 Registered Member

    May 10, 2009
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    Since I'm here asking for help I thought I'd drop this on y'all in case it might be useful.. I hope sharing it doesn't mess it up though if too many pepole do it, but anyway

    When I tried to use the routing numbers for the card account it told me the standard whatever it said, looked like it might be working for a minute and then you get this kind of a vague halfway error kind of thing (I didn't expect it to work)

    But then I was thinking and instead of clicking the little checkbox/● in the box saying what it is, I thought more along the lines of the bank behind the card

    I can't remember exactly which selection I made but sure as hell I actually got the W.M account to work and verified it as a bank account to make me paypal verified or whatever it is

    Just have to select the box of one of the other ones - I don't remember which but it won't take a genius to figure that one out

    So you get the idea
    If this is old news I apologize
    But I'd think that this could be BIG HUGE MONEY for some of y'all if you hadn't discovered it

    PS: Moderator people: The board software told me to use more tags and longer tags but I don't want this indexed obviously so, are the tags for seo? Or they're just for forum members doing searches or what?
    Please let me know if it's okay to leave them short or if it's internal for us so I should add them or what