I found a place where you can bank anonymously & claims to be better than Paypal

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    thought this might be helpful to some of you looking for alternatives.

    Anonymous Bank Accounts / Send & Receive Money Anonymously
    Better than Paypal or the former ePassporte! Collect Your Payouts FAST!

    Hi, my name is Yitzhal Rosenthal, and I just wanted to let all affiliates and sponsors know about a new payout solution for adult webmasters.

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    eNumbered.com safeguards your wealth from taxes, divorce, civil judgments and more. Protect your assets by using an anonymous numbered bank account.

    Why Use eNumbered.com? Here are just a few good reasons:

    * Bank Online Anonymously / NO ID REQUIRED
    * Avoid Taxes
    * Send & Receive Money Anonymously
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    Our services include anonymous bank accounts, anonymous digital cash, affiliate payout solutions, funding and payout solutions for high risk businesses (adult, gambling, pharmacy, etc.), high volume payment processing, anonymous money transfer, e-cash payments, high interest investments, buying & selling of gold online, and much more.

    Client funds are 100% backed by gold and therefore cannot disappear into a mysterious 'e-wallet' as happened with epassporte. Client funds cannot be seized by any third party bank; all funds are backed by physical gold bullion locked in vaults.

    eNumbered.com is the best paypal alternative. Unlike Paypal, accounts do not 'freeze up' and we never request verification documents. All countries and all products/services are accepted.

    Wire transfers take 2-3 days, and we can ship physical gold bullion via overnight DHL courier. Western Union withdrawals are processed within 24hrs. We also offer instant withdrawal options through multiple e-currencies, such as alertpay, cash-x, paxum and more.

    Withdrawal and Deposit options include:

    * Wire Transfer (2-3 days)
    * Cheque (2-3 days)
    * Gold Bullion (2-4 days by overnight courier)
    * Credit Card (Instant)
    * Cash by Mail (2-3 days)
    * Western Union (24hrs)
    * Multiple e-Currencies including solidtrustpay, paxum, alertpay, cash-x, moneybookers, and more (Instant)

    Our bank intends to become a primary adult webmaster payout solution. We are already in negotiations with major adult affiliate programs to offer eNumbered as a payout option. Join eNumbered.com and then ask your affiliate rep to offer eNumbered payouts.

    visit http://eNumbered.com to open an anonymous online bank account right now. It's free and takes about 30 seconds.

    This is the guys information:
    Yitzhak Rosenthal
    [email protected]
    skype: eNumbered.com