I earned 1.5 dollars in 2 years from Adsense!

This is a great achievement and please change your niche right now, or goal, or business, thinking, etc, Million dollar advice from me, Start something offline and local.
I blame either your targeting keywords that are far too competitive or there is a technical issue on your site such as denying google robots or something. To give you an idea of the impact the keyword competitiveness makes, I launched two sites about 18 months ago, the competitive one I pushed hard for a long time buying links and 1 article per day, I've not bothered putting ads on the site as the traffic is still so low so you've actually beaten me on this one. The other site is far more niche and less competitive, I've only put up 1 article per week, not bought any links or done any promotion and it makes about $50 per month with the little traffic it receives but it ranks well on lots of obscure keywords. Just like me you need to find something that is wide enough to deliver good traffic but not so competitive that people will actually see your site on Google.
You may need more traffic to make it work. More traffic + more content will give you more Adsense earnings.
I earn €613.82 in the last 18 months from one website with 20 articles.
I worked with Adsense + Pinterest. No unique entries. Quick start - 1 week - $5-10 per day. But Pinterest is crap. THEIR supports are shit! They slapped me with a ban on both the account and the site for spam, despite the fact that according to the rule there was no spam. So be careful with Pinterest, their crap algorithms can destroy you at any moment.
I think you've picked the wrong niche.

You also may be getting traffic from low-value locations.

Those two factors explain 98% of all low AdSense income problems on the web.

I know that's quite a claim to make, but it's true!

When I first got started with online publishing, I slapped on some AdSense ads and I thought I was going to be a millionaire overnight.

I'm glad I went through that disappointment because I learned how to figure things out.

First, you have to blog or publish about stuff that advertisers will pay top dollar for.

Unfortunately, if you're into Justin Bieber rumors, few advertisers would pay really good money for eyeballs on that type of content.

On the other hand, if you blog about Forex or specific practice areas of the law, your AdSense ads might be worth $5 and up per click.

Now, don't get too excited.

Here comes the second factor that you need to focus on.

Even if you blog about high-value topics and you get a lot of clicks, you might still end up struggling.


The clicks may be coming from the wrong places!

You have to understand that Google is a business.

It charges advertisers based on what advertisers are willing to pay per click.

Where do you think most high-value advertisers with top-dollar advertising budgets come from?

They're located in the United States, Western Europe, Canada, and a few select places in the world.

The bad news is if your traffic comes from anywhere else, you might have to settle for a few pennies per click.

Put these two factors together and learn how to work with them so they don't work against you.

That way, you will earn way more than $1.5 in two years from AdSense.

I feel your pain because when I first started, I was only making a chump change from AdSense.

But when I learned SEO and I figured out the importance of niche content as well as tailoring my blog towards the right markets, I started making real money.

Just how much money are we talking about?

Well, one of my blogs — just one of them! — was making $2000 per month like clockwork.

I would write a post 15 months ago, and it will still make money many months later.

That's what's so awesome about AdSense blogging.

You do the work once but you could earn repeatedly long into the future.

That is passive income.

You don't have to earn that cash every single time.

You can put in work a long time ago and still make money.

So I wish you the very best in your journey as an online publisher using AdSense for monetization.

Do not give up.

Instead, choose to learn from your mistakes.
i havent touched mine for awhile and i see :oops:

i logged in and see they disabled allll the sites for ads
You should follow this guy, he had a similiar journey to yours...

I know you are very different from him in a lot of sense and it's totally unrelated but he earned a bit more than you as an alien...

Congrats, now scale up and build 35,000 sites and in 2 years you will earn around $26,250.
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