I don't want a $1K/month


Jan 15, 2013
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Starting small and scaling is the way to go for people just starting out. Very often people set very unrealistic goals that demotivates them after some time.


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Jun 20, 2015
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The first landmark in blogging is pizza day. It's when you make enough money from a website by blogging to buy a pizza. This is how competitive this field is.
Facts! I remember when I made my first $1 from blogging. When I got my first payout which was around $12-13 I bought a G of weed to celebrate lol


Oct 15, 2020
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Good luck to you, I also once wanted to have my own blog, but over time became addicted to smm and now I have my own promotion service)


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Jan 8, 2021
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this community is awesome, with amazing guys like @tazarbm @RealDaddy and many others my knowledge just keeps expanding. We don't know each other but keep doing what you are doing on this forum you are really helping people. Sincerely Thank You

To be honest I stopped this blogging stuff for a while like one month I'll say. I didn't look at my site for the whole month of December due to some disbelief in the thing I was still in the quick money scheme I thought if you make something it doesn't bring you money fast then that thing had no purpose.
At the same moment out of curiosity and the need for change in my life, I started reading self-help books I told myself if people are changing their lives with these, why not me??


-By end of December, I had finished Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins at this time I had only 5 articles not even making 3 views per day (It shows you to which extent I was not working). After finishing this great book I was more inspired by life, it gave me a new perspective of life and how I should really redefine my life goals.


-When January 2022 showed up, I was reading The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and I set an objective of writing 5 new Articles on my website (It was very little but i knew it was a good mark if I wanted to start over) by the end of the month.
-At this time I was still struggling with Keyword Research that's where posts from guys like @RealDaddy really help me understand this whole concept of doing KW research and guess what I found out?
I understood that no matter what is the field, you won't know anything about it unless you have the patience to learn I understood that all these highly skilled members have given in a considerable amount of work to reach where they are right now.
-Well, do you remember those 5 new articles objective? It was a fluke. By the end of January, I only published 2 new articles (yeah pathetic I know). I know my objectives were not met yet but I started moving and by the end of January I started reading THE 5 AM CLUB (A turning point in my life).
-So after 04 months of blogging I had only 7 articles on my blog (kind of funny to me now that I know all that I could have accomplished during those 4 months)


-The book 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma was a game-changer for me. At the beginning of February, my new objective was to publish 8 new articles ie on Mondays and Thursdays.
-You should know that I am a person that has never been committed to something whenever I started something I always had my mind drifting to other things, as soon as I faced difficulty with a project I'll just move it aside and start a new one.
-From this book I learned about the benefits of getting up at 5 am, I understood that I didn't know myself I didn't know my mind. This book just nailed the things I learned from the previous books I've read it's like he took the knowledge from both books and combined it.
-I knew reading had no purpose if you don't apply what you read. I was so bulked by the knowledge that was poured into my head that I woke up at 5 AM for 2 weeks straight (Am still struggling to do it every day but you got my point).
-Every day I woke up, exercised, meditated, prayed, listen to some motivational podcast, this is now my new norm, even if it is hard I am going to do it.
-I took this resolution that for the first time in my life let me do something and finish even if that thing won't make me rich now I'll still be moving toward that same point.
-Well, you remember my objective was to write 8 new articles right? In February I wrote 9 new articles and for the first time, my views reached 900 views for one month.


-This month started really well I am currently reading The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma it's a good book but not as good as The 5 Am club
-Self-discipline and self-mastery are 2 things I believe can make a real impact in our lives. I am now living with this mentality of knowing that a 1 is better than a 0.
-One step at a time I might either reach my goal or learn there is no failure in life.
-I will soon start link building on my blog(a new world and new knowledge to discover)
-publish 15 new articles by the end of the month.
-Reach 1500+ views


-I am trying to apply for Adsense but maybe I stil need to put some work on my blog(Or maybe AdSense just don't like me)
-I am also learning how as a blogger I can add Affiliate links to my different posts/articles
-I am actually getting 50+ views daily I don't know if there is a way to monetize this small traffic

This is definitely my longest post on this forum. This is proof that we learn constantly and we can improve. I can't believe I am writing something of all coming from my own brain.
I hope I will keep you guys updated more have a nice Weekend BHW (I am really grateful)

Never stop Learning


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Jun 30, 2018
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Good luck @Oleb
You will succeed, just stay the course my friend :)


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Jul 24, 2021
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I understand your point, but it is also good to have bigger targets.