I Don't Understand The Concept of "Unique" Brand Names (ie Fiverr, Twitter,)?Someone Help

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by instaboy, Jun 30, 2012.

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    okay i know that giving a brand a unique name is "good"but i dont exactly understand why. For example Twitter and Fiverr I know that twitter is applauded for giving themselves a catchy and easily remembered easily pronounced name like twitter but arent we supposed to tap into keywords when naming domains or use things that common people would search for? i mean back when nobody knew what "twitter" was who would even think to search for something like that?

    or how about "Fiverr" why didnt they just name it "fiver" why the extra R?

    actually thinking back i cant think of any really popular successful websites that have "normalnames" yet for some reason it seems like people really love to hoard and put value in domain names that use common keywords like say the website: "bodybuilding" d-o-t-c-o-m (sorry remove dashes obviously. the automated mod system wouldnt let me type it out) how come they are relatively successful for bodybuilding hits but yet their name is so generic and common? would they have been more successful if they named their site something wacky like say i dont know "fitfo" d-o-t-c-o-m ?

    is there some kind of general rule about this?
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    There's no rule for this one... The thing is - project that are designed to be big and to be marketed by a viral way, simply has these strange "catchy" names like "Fiverr".

    On the other hand, if you have a project that has little potential to go viral (such as a website about bodybuilding), it is better to use generic name, with keywords in it... That's it!
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    first off - theres sites that offer a (unique/new/special) service...and there are websites that are "informative".
    to take your example: a website about bodybuilding is to inform people about that topic, where they can discuss training, supplements etc., buy stuff and so on. so there is no need brand it in a special way. you obviously could do brand with a special name. but you tend to use what people are typing in google of course. if you would go for a catchy name then with the intention to become the biggest authority site about bodybuilding. if you do your work right - someday people will search for your website in terms of info about bodybuilding. but only if the word has been spread decently. so you would better be trying to rank a website with the keyword in it.

    sites like fiverr offer something that is a service. so you wouldn`t name the site like "stuff-that-people-do-for-you-if-you-pay-5-dollar-for-it." noone will search for something like that. and they were the first to offer stuff like that - just as twitter was in their field. so the child has to be given a name - and it should be somehow catchy.
    looking at fiverr i would guess that the domain was already taken - the one with just one "r".

    as there are these two different models of a website - and looking at the post above: that makes the difference. the purpose of a site.