I dont know how to pick the best products in CJ (Help)

Feb 13, 2009
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If anyone knows the best way to pick products in CJ to earn like crazy....please let us all know!!! We all are desperately waiting for MR.Kind or whatever your name is....please tell us these two things.... ;)
Thread title changed to better reflect the OP's lack of knowledge on the subject.
If you want to earn like crazy I suggest picking like crazy :eyebrows:
Just See Network earnings and Epc data then try choosing one..the one with more sales must be the ones where the most sales are
1. Identify a hot niche.
2. Find an offer/product that matches what people are looking for in that niche.

It's not that hard.
Thanks everyone for their help! But its not that easy to find a freakin niche basically....how the hell one can find a hungry NICHE basically....this is what everyone tells to do, but no one tells how to do? I mean how the hell? :(
I think your doing it backwards. If your gonna sell ANYTHING, you need traffic. Unless you want to pay for traffic with adwords, you'll have to rank for whatever your going after. I would figure out what product/keyword can I rank? (this requires plenty of research) Find the rankable niche, then build the site.
CJ Product Selection, look for:

1. Network Earnings: 12 Month data should be consistently 4 or 5 bars.

2. 3-Month EPC: Data should be consistent, best if value is increasing.
(Note: the 7 day data is highly skewed.)

How to make money:
1. Find out what your niche market wants.
2. Find the product which satisfy above criterias.
3. Promote and 'GIVE' it to them!

Note 1: If you do PPC, Additional criteria to safeguard yourself from burning your pocket.
=> Max CPC < (3-Month EPC)/100 * 1/(Your safety factor, use 2 if you are not sure)

Note 2: If you use SEO or Sniper Method, BINGO! Sit back and count your $$$
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