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I can't sell a penny Facebook advertising doesn't work? PART 1

Discussion in 'General Social Chat' started by Elluveite2, May 23, 2020.

  1. Elluveite2

    Elluveite2 Newbie

    May 20, 2020
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    Banking and finances
    Hello friends, a pleasure again! I am here, because I have decided to create a short topic since many clients have asked me the same thing on several occasions! When I contact them about their problem, my clients state that their main problem is the following

    Let's see other common phrases that some clients have personally told me

    1. I advertise on Facebook but people apparently are not interested in my products / services
    2. I think that advertising on Facebook does not work, I have been scammed
    3. People write to the page, ask a lot and in the end no purchase
    4. I'm sick of it, because I spend all day answering thousands of messages and in the end nobody buys me
    5. All the money goes in messages and in the end I lose instead of winning

    These are some of the expressions of unsatisfied customers with advertising. Now, it should be noted that the problem is not Facebook Ads. The problem is that many times we are not doing what we should.
    Let's see...

    Some already know what I am referring to. Let's see below
    Before starting our advertising campaigns, many of us overlook a very important topic in Marketing
    Types of traffic in Marketing!
    And what are the types of traffic in Marketin?

    A / The types of traffic in Marketing are:

    Cold traffic
    Lukewarm traffic
    Hot traffic

    Now, what is all this cold, warm and hot?
    I will try to explain it in a super simple way so that we do not get entangled
    Cold traffic = (People who don't know you at all) Example: New site
    Warm traffic: (People have already seen your page on more than one occasion, they have already seen the ads and they already know you a little, they turn to see you)
    Hot traffic, they already know us, they already know who you are and what you offer

    SIMPLE, right?

    Now, what do I want to get at with this and what relationship does it have with the questions mentioned above?

    Simple, many of us focus on investing in advertising without first having at least a minimal knowledge of the world we are getting into. And knowing the types of traffic in Marketing is fundamental, at least from my point of view. If we do not know the type of traffic we will go on Facebook blindly throwing the money without profit.

    Try to get to know your target audience quite well and keep in mind the types of traffic! In another post I will talk more about this topic and show some examples. I will also talk to you about objectives and detailed segmentation.


    I hope this works for you, greetings!