I Can't Make it Work so I'm Giving it Away

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by laniers, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Jan 14, 2008
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    I came up with what seems like a great idea but I can't make it work so I'm giving it away to see if you guys can twist it into something that makes money. I'm a newbie here, I've been lurking, reading and learning. One of the things I read that makes sense is think out of the box and combine different ideas into something new.

    So here's what I came up with

    I purchased a screen saver that will display live web pages in the screen saver.

    Created a page on my site with nothing on it but an ebay affiliate page that is set to display things that relate to the images in the screen saver. For example I created a car screen saver that displays my ebay page with items for sale on ebay that relate to that car. The idea is that someone that would download a screens saver about that car would also buy things on ebay that relate to that car and I'd get the affiliate commission because my cookie is on their computer.

    Next I created a simple movie with microsoft story teller using the images that are in the screen saver.

    Next uploaded the the movie with tubemogul so it was distributed to all the major video sites. The movie says you can download this screen saver at my site then their is also a link in the description back to my site.

    So far I've created three screen savers but I'm getting almost no hits to the web page so my guess is that people are uninstalling it once they download it.

    That's it guys, I know one of you can twist these elements into a money maker. I'm a newbie so be nice. If you have any twist either post them here or send me a PM. If you like my idea I would certainly appreciate a rep --->
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.