I can't join paypal becuase of age...


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Jul 15, 2010
I am looking to start designing websites and such but I am under 18 so I can't use paypal. I usually just put down I am 19 so people don't hate so much, but PayPal seems like a serious thing to lie about IMO. Should I just put a fake age down to join the site? I could use alternatives but PayPal is the most widly used. I want to know what you guys think before I make a decision here. And to the other black hatters who are under 18, what did you do?
It depends on what you plan on doing once you get paid. In order to spend the money at places that do not accept paypal, you would need to add a bank.
Back in the day I just made an account with my moms info. She gave me permission of couse.
Don't worry about it. I used a credit card number with permission that was not mine and got mine verified.

Paypal isn't going to hunt you down, so don't sweat it
Alright. I have a bank account because at my Highschool they let you sign up for one as long as you have your student ID and your social security card. No need for parents permission, but with Paypal I might have to use my dads info. I guess i'll just lie about my age, then delete the account when I turn eighteen and make a new one I guess :)
lie, no one cares including paypal. same goes for cpa networks in most cases, they're making money off of you so who cares, also it costs money to "go after" someone and they really have no reason to do that at all
all you have to do is lie about your age. long as you have a us bank account you should be fine. Just transfer your money asap
Can't you just get some GreenDots and load up a PP account and be all good?
You could easily lie about your age. I think as long as your account is verified by adding your bank account youll be ok. I have 1 "real" account with all my real info and 3 other fake ones with made up names and there just fine.
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