I can't issue refund to my buyer. "Your refund must not exceed your available balance."

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    Yesterday I had a client asking for a refund for $2000 Item not received, as I had almost no money on my Paypal my balance went to -2000. I managed to get the $2000 and get back my account to a green positive balance +1$.
    So logically I added $2000 for issuing the full refund to my client. Thing is Paypal give me this message "Your refund must not exceed your available balance. If you have funds in another currency balance, you may want to consider transferring funds from other currency balances."
    I still can withdraw money, send payment, receive payment. It's just that the $2000 that I put in paypal to refund my buyer is not considered by paypal. I have to add one more 2K before issuing refund. It doesn't make sense. Can anyone clarify for me please I would really appreciate it.
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