I can produce high grade BAg , tee shirt , Leather wallet - And LAbel it your Brand or OEM

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    i am a Production Guy , i can produce high end Bag and tee shirt and fashion related product .
    i am looking for Seirous People to work .

    50k USD - i can produce . a line for BAG for you .

    70k USD - i can produce BAG + tee shirt + all the related media and online thing .

    Target , asia and world market . online retail and also agent outlet in any country .


    Stuff that can be produce . Addidas , nike style sport bag , Le coq , Lacoste style fashion .

    i work with serious Workshop and fashion .

    i have done production for japanese and asia shopping supply .

    what i want to do now is start my own . with the ready knowledge and production ..

    i am in asia . serious PARTY contact me . and i can show yo what is possible .

    ONLY serious people who want a label line .

    PM me if you have question .

    and more info
    feel free to ask as many question as you like .

    Oh before i forget .

    Factory and workshop i work with Atthe moment produce Fashion and branded Goods for Euro , US , and asia ,

    This offer is STRICTLY for anyone who want to start a New label or join me and we start our own label or OEM .

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