I can hit the inbox very easy but can't make even 1 cent!


Feb 22, 2010
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Hi there my friends!
For a long time i was absent from here trying to find a good job and a better life working offline but i cant make more than 500$/month and it's driving me crazy. I tried a lot of things like autoblogs (had about 30 and made about 20$ in 2 months then stopped because i didn't pay anymore for hosting) the tried CPA and a bit of e-mail marketing but wasn't able to hit the inbox.
Now i can hit the inbox very easy but seems that i can't make a penny... please advise me what to promote ? how does my e-mail have to look like so that people will actually convert? now i am an accepted member at adscendmedia and ************** but if you know something better please tell me...
Any advices will be very good for me.
ps. excuse my english
Win32 is correct, I have been looking to mail but dont want the hassle of setting up the operation especially if its not my primary method.

In terms of your lack of success, what niches are you targeting? Are your lists focused in 1 area or just random emails you get? I have a list and an offer that should do well. Let me know if you want to try it and ill split any profits from it.

regardless keep your head up, stick to your guns, be patient and hang in there
yes...now i'm sorry that i stopped with autoblogging but i don't want to start it all over again because it means that i should work a few months with no result and only after that i can see a few money in my adsense account....
i'm more interested in promoting cpa offers through e-mail....
i don't target a specific niche since i don't know what to promote...i target a lot of them...maybe this is not a good thing....i don't know.
If you can really inbox, hit me up. I can help you pay your mortgage.
you gave it up very early. you are good at inboxing but cant make money and i cant inbox them so i cant make money too :D
you gave it up very early. you are good at inboxing but cant make money and i cant inbox them so i cant make money too :D

internal seems to have the best answer. Create a thread on the JV section and find a partner who needs help inboxing, split the profits, there's your answer right there.
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