I can drop ship or sell wholesale or do a JV on super hot weight loss products

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    Our company manufactures weight loss products like Green Coffee Bean Extract w/Svetol or Raspberry Ketone and several other products.
    We can do private label or sell our own label. Right now I have a huge surplus of bulk materials ready to be bottled for sale. The coffee bean
    extract is hot with a great profit margin. I came here because I started IM here and eventually just made my own product because of BTW. I can
    tell you we do not cut corners or cut or product in anyway. Always pure. So I am looking for any of the big hitters here that already has traffic that might want to benefit from selling with us or I can sell to you wholesale(so you have more profit) and even drop ship for you if you like. Any JV will be split 50/50. We are always developing new products our newest is a hangover pill and Lipo6 that is almost ready for market. Our prices are some of the best period and I will work with anyone here to make sure you get our rock bottom price to really compete. I have many happy customers and retailers so hop on board and get in on these good profits. I see many landing pages doing really well I am just not that SEO savvy myself to work this angle(I am open to a mentor haha). I don't care how you sell as long as you do cheat the customer. New Years is right around the corner so weight loss is ready to soar again.
    PM if you want more info.
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    This sounds interesting.
    Would it be possible to dropship to Europe?
    Could you please send me more info?
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    Hello, That's good to know. Do you dropship your items worldwide? Please let me know the details. Thanks