I can buy .com.au domain names/TLD (Australian domains) - you supply ideas - Easy Rank!!!

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    Hi Everyone, I offered this first in the JnR vip section, now it's time to offer it here to those of you are interested. (Note, the domains will be bought on my account, as I have an Australian Business Number which is needed to own these domains):

    Its time to tap into the Australian market and harness it's potential with having an Australian domain , a 'com.au' , (with over 20+million people living in Australia, with many searching from google.com.au, automatically displays their search results with '.com.au' filtered in the searches automatically)

    To own an Australian domain, it requires an Australian registered company, or business with a registered business number (ABN, BRN, BN) etc.

    I can buy Australian domain names and I am looking for people who have some great ideas to capitalize in the Australian marketplace ( Australian websites are always more favorable in searches from google.com.au)

    I also have a lot of software/tools etc, am interested in doing business with those who have some good ideas and would like to start some successful Joint Ventures!
    PM me if you're interested, Thank you![​IMG]
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