I can blast sms.. who has data?

Any of you sms people ever sell a product via this route, or is it more for getting phone numbers, etc.?
Perfect guys, I've got lots of data. Maybe we can do business, I can't PM at the moment, so PM me or add me on skype so we can talk - abturag
Is reverse billing instead of charging per text not allowed anymore?? Seems like it would be easier to just "auto bill" monthly the telephone carrier after an online signup with phone number and email... Most people don't even realize these small charges are on their phones...
Can I promote some of my offers with it.
All numbers are country targeted or random.
How I come to know all SMS delivered
Can anyone share information on where it's possible to send mass-sms from?

I own 100% of my music , would digital downloads work for this type of marketing ? http://chrisblackbeats.com
I can send whatever amount you wish and can/will beat any price. If you know how to work with API's via a simple http post to send your messages over to me. No Sim, no generators... I am not reliable for the contents you are sending.
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