I bid $22k on this domain and lost by $100... So Pissed....

It's a cool domain, but $22k is too much IMHO. I think the ones you ended up buying and money well spent, and if you wish you could use the 22k to develope the site that you are thinking about.

Oh right. Thats Newtons LAW!
sorry but i think is just crazy to put 22k in a domain.
Can anyone xplain me why people pay that amount instead of loking for very similar options for few bucks?
I've made a lot of money in my webmaster life time - and it's cool to buy stuff that people all want to get

It feels premium to own something so nice - like a nice painting

When you have enough money that you can blow on things without it affecting your main income streams - that's when you want to purchase

cool trophies

The education niche was just the biggest affiliate niche back in the day I've always wanted to conquer -

I've made my money in payday loans, stocks, etc. But not yet education

I've own category killer domains in payday loans and stocks, and have received good buy out offers but don't bother selling

When you have a premium domain - and you build something good your multiplier you can sell it for goes from 10x monthly revenue to 10x yearly revenue - People think they're buying a legitimate company with a premium domain

That's a fair point. I guess I see IM differently. I see it as a business and if you go into business spending money on things that won't reap the best ROI you'll fail. Personally, I would take my money and buy a nice boat or car.

Hopefully you can get a domain you'll enjoy just as much.
The second place bidder always loses by one bid amount.

To say you would have won if you had bid another $100 is ridiculous. What if their max bid was 50k? You'll never know, but you might have lost by 28k.
I might even think twice before buying a $10 domain lol..
BASICS is to spend less and earn more..
Its a Blessing in Disguise for Sure..
On a 2nd thought God Bless the winner :)
I'm not pretty sure about that for a domain but in other words it's up to you.
Why to spent so much on a domain? You caould reg a new one or buy one for few xxx$ and setup a fewsite that will gain authority in time
I see lots of comments from people who have no idea and can't comprehend the difference between a premium .com domain and a cheap ass .com domain.

OP sorry to hear you lost by $100 I know the exact feeling, I do participate on auctions on different levels real estate, autos, antiques, domains). Sometimes we need to walk away sometimes we need to trow in $100 more and get it.

It seems it could have been a great investment. Good luck next time.

And to all those saying wait until the new vanity .school comes out. Let me tell you, at the moment those domains are worth less than the registration cost.
You're not going to make 23k more than if you made the same website on iundergraduate.com

You're wrong. I read about a company that missed out on the perfect name: searchengine.com.

They did ok with the name they ended-up with (google.com), but just imagine how much MORE money they would've made with the "perfect" name.

This is a great domain, and domain like this always going to be expensive. There are so many people saying u could buy alternative domain and its not worth it. but I would say they don't know anything about domain. good luck for next time
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