I Ate Rat Last Week

I think this is why people turn vegetarian... would not eat. I'll stick to steak, bacon and chicken.
In my life I have eaten bear, deer, snake, alligator, squirells (just a a rat with a fancy tail and good PR, by the way), mountain oysters, armadillo, chitlins, sweetmeats, brains, nutria, ducks, geese, guineas, dove, pigeon, even grubs and chocolate covered ants and grasshoppers, and poured blood gravy on many of them.

Don't have any problem with properly cooked rat.

It's just mind over matter.

If you don't mind, it don't matter..
Muskrat aint rat, but tastes pretty good -- prefer beaver or raccoon though! Nutria are ok -- used to trap a lot and we ate a lot of what we caught. Used to be a store south of Chicago called Czimers( I think) that sold wild meats, we would go there every week or 2 and order everything from Zebra to Lion.
Wish I had got a bear last year -- now those are good eats!

Where you from man? That Czimers place is literally right down the street from my house haha. I've never been in there but I drive past it all the time and have been wanting to check it out.

How can they sell lion and zebra there though, isn't that illegal to sell in the US?
Couldn't read details... Just want to know whether it was cooked?

The THOUGHT of eating a rat almost gives me hep C
when I dont get my earnings on CPA company I go to manhole or in canal to catch some rats , yeah .. they are better than chicken
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