I asked G Brad about something specific and if give me brilliant answer.


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Apr 10, 2013
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Hello, what made me doing this fir I didn't have Open-Ai subscription and I only tested chatGPT 3.5 before never had chance to test 4.5
Anyway in the pas I was always complain about G search result not being accurate and full of spam/scam websites.
But my experience with G Ai Brad way way more better, In fact the result (solution) it give to me were shocking,
and matches exactly what I was looking for with a step by step solution.
I don't need to post my question to it here, but this time it really save me hours of G research if did it on my own.
I have feel that this Brad could kill G search the way we use it today.
I don't understand how Google will make money from Bard, but it really replaces 50% of current Google searches
I don't understand how Google will make money from Bard
They don't know too, that's why they tried to delay releasing it as much as possible,
+ the horde they milk money from (mobile users) won't use it that much,
or at least G will try to change it search layout to not looks like coming from Ai powered chat bot.
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