I Apologize for not coming here sooner

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    Hi All,

    I am xtroublex and I have been in whitehat internet marketing for longer than I would like to admit. I am the typical stary of marketers on the internet in that I speant thousands of dollars on information and none of ot was really worth what I paid. I followed the advice of "Guru's" all of which wasn't worth what I paid.

    I have been in and out of the business for the last 11-12 years. I've seen a lot of crap and I have watched it all get repackaged and painted and presented as new a hundred times. I am a bitter angry [email protected] and I am a recruiter's worst nightmare.

    I always new that there were ways to do things shall we say... questionable methods that would at least help me survive long enough to make in in the WH world but was never really privy to the information. I have been lurking here for about 3 months or so and decided to join up a few days ago.

    I have to admit I am like a kid in a candy store! Information overload! It seems newbies get flamed a bit around here though so I guess I will have to get to know some of you a bit better. Anyway, Sorry for the life story but that's that then.


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    Welcome to BHW, and welcome to the dark side.
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