I am trying to create youtube accounts with catch all domain

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    Alright so i am trying to see if anybody here has created youtube accounts using like a catch all email .


    1.Buy a domain , .info .com w/e

    2.Then set up your domain with a catch all email.So all email without a proper mail box(meaning it doesnt exist) would go directly to that email box.

    3.Use fresh isp ips from around the globe to create google accounts, but when registering, register the google accounts with a known email provider like hotmail,aol,live,yahoo etc .

    Something like this [email protected]

    4.Create youtube accounts with those newly created google accounts, do this before confirming the verification email sent from the registration from google accounts.

    5. Change the emails in the google accounts.

    Something like this [email protected] to [email protected]

    6. Set up a quick php script that uses the imap functions to retrieve the email associated with the username to retrieve the confirmation email sent from google accounts when Updating the email.

    So anyways i figured this is very quick an efficient into creating youtube accounts, so far i havent really logged in into all of my accounts but they all seem to withstand the 48 hours most sellers give as a guarantee cause they know their accounts wont even last that long.

    So the next step is to scale this up and to have around 300-500 newly create youtube accounts on autopilot by getting fresh new isp ips.

    Just out of curiosity those who are creating accounts, who is creating them using fresh isp ips from around the globe instead of proxies.