I am thinking of offerinf Article writing services for the forum

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    I am thinking of affering article writing services to make some extra money.

    I am an american I can speak and write good english I will even get a dummies book to brush up on my english grammar.. but is there enough demand on the forum to make $100- 200 /day.. ?

    I would start off by offering $2 for 300-500 articles....

    Any advice ??
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    Aug 26, 2009
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    you do realise to hit your minimum requirement of 100 bucks a day for $2 articles you're going to have to produce 50 articles a day...

    i honestly dont think thats realistic. it takes me around 20-30 mins including a little research to do a 500 word article on a subject i am not familiar with and trust me after so many weight loss, make money articles it gets kind of hard to come up with unique content after a while...
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    you gotta be good at SEO and keyword manipulation and article spinning.

    if you make a professional website and set it up as a business,

    and you market yourself as an AMERICAN copywriter - as opposed to Indian

    and you illustrate an understanding of Internet Marketing concepts,

    then you might make some money

    But i wouldn't advise it. There are just too many copywriters all ready and literally the whole world is either speaking english or learning english, so you're native skillset will have limited appeal in the upcoming years.

    I've been to 28 countries.

    Plus, it's so borring writing about SEO topics.

    Suggest you get good at some other computer-related skill.
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    Thats a SHITLOAD of work for chump change. Even if u have DNS you wont' be able to produce that much content a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    Just the thought of having someone take that much daily work makes me feel pain (and gives me a headache)

    As far as supply and demand you will at some point find yourself competing against Indians who really do work for pennies a day .... and the sad thing is (believe it or not) ... that most people actually go for cheaper price tags instead of Quality..... I know I know...its ridiculous but its true; some people pay for quality but that is the minority (sadly) and when u do find people like that u hang on to them as if ur financial success depended on it (because it does!). How do I know this u may ask? The first thing I did to earn money online was to write and sub articles. I looked for prospects on different sites such as GAF, DP (and most of the big webmaster forums), Stumble Upon, etc.. And while I found a decent demand for content, the amount of work vs to the financial reward ....just doesn't match. Even if u were to charge 5 per article you will find urself loaded with work every single day and the money u put in your pocket is just not worth the effort. (IMO)

    I know there are some people out there that make a living out of copywriting.... such as the sensual-SEO just because they have lots of contacts and they STRESS a lot the fact that they won't work with someone who is after something cheap rather than quality content BUT for someone who is just starting out and who needs to get money flowing.... making such declarations is not a financially sound idea.

    I dunno maybe I lack the patience and determination it takes to succeed as an online copywriter (and in case u r wondering.... I CAN write great articles without raping the English language and punctuation rules as I have done in this post lol).... but I just wouldn't recommend anyone to start out there....unless u are against the ropes and really need to get money in ur paypal acc fast (asuming u can market ur services and work really fast as well).

    I honestly wish u all the luck in the world if u decide to take on copyrighting to actually make a living..
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