I am taking action, but what can I do to improve?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TDManager87, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Ok, so I've been dabbing at im for some time. I finally found a popular niche I want to tackle, its competitive, but it seems good. The problem I'm having is getting traffic, and converting visitors into paying customers (people like the product, but I am not seeing alot of sales). Here is what I have so far:

    - Website with hosting already indexed and over a year old (not an emd) (No SEO has been done or articles yet, but I will write at least 1-2 articles per day).
    - Social media accounts (facebook with around 50 fans, its a few months old)
    - No Youtube or heavy amount of twitter followers as of yet
    - No adwords
    - Rss Feed, but only have submitted a 3 times.
    - Mailing List setup
    -Facebook ads (I tried that for awhile, and even though I found a way to get low ctr, not too many people went to the site).

    Ok, that's what I've have so far. I need to do a complete 180, and start to figure out how to bring the people in. I've been reading on seo so far. Its not exactly a aff. landing page site or anything. Its a site where I sell products people need or want. I don't want to flat out state it, but lets just say "shoes".

    I've been searching through forums and places scraping emails (not alot, but I managed to find around 500 emails of targeted leads). I've had very few sales, but I feel like I could do WAYYY better, and I just got tweetattacks, I know how to make videos, but I dont have a cam, so I probably can make animated banner videos.

    I thought about buying traffic, but I need really targeted traffic (like people only interested in buying what I have and nothing else).

    So anyone with any insightful tips could help?
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    If the problem is traffic, you should do some standard backlinking, post some articles and make sure you use your keywords well, submit your RSS Feed to directories.
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    I think the concept of ""TDManager87"" is almost right. So you can follow his instruction.