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    Well yes you heard it right at this very moment i am struggling a bit making money because the method i was making money is more likely saturated if not there is lots of competition or i am struggling a bit and still barely making $2/Day with that. All though that is not the only method i work or is my source of income but i recently read some methods and i exactly do the same work and can make some nice cash but the problem is it involves POKER/Gambling and i do not feel good promoting it since Gambling is not allowed in our culture and religion.

    plus i have some good methods but they all involve very little e-whoring thing which is minimal so i need to know shall i do the POKER/Gambling thing as am not doing it my self but just promoting it ?
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    You have got to promote something you enjoy or at the least, don't feel guilty about promoting. And this is for the sake of your beliefs and for the sake of your profession.

    Go read a few books about "ethics," or "business ethics," as this is a huge topic among business owners.
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    There's literally hundreds and thousands of niches and keywords, and new ones being created every day.

    I like to travel, electronics, technology and fitness so I promote travel, electronics technology and fitness. Even within these four niches there's countless keywords and products to go for.

    Pick something you like... fishing, golfing, food, books, shoes, whatever.