I am ranking for irrelevant keywords

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    Recently, I have noticed that people who arrive at one of my sites have used irrelevant keywords. For example, let's say I offer "A"..but I dont get much traffic from the keyword "A"..I am getting a lot of traffic from keywords "b" and "c", which I dont even offer.
    The keywords "b" and "c" do appear on my site, but they have nothing to do with what I offer, they just happen to be in the text.

    Also, I have noticed now a lot of the keywords are long-tailed. Before, the keywords were short (maximum of 3 words) now I am getting like 7 words. Now, people almost never arrive at my site using those nice short keywords.

    My on-site is excellent. Probably overoptimized by penguin standards.
    My anchor texts are keyword "A" in addition to a bunch of generic keywords "click here" things like that

    but how can I fix this issue?