I am Looking for a Geek who Can Take Over my Tech Blog! - Long Term Job

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    Due to an overload, I am looking for someone geeky who can take care of my blog.

    For What Website?
    Blog is based on software problems, Windows issues, errors, how-to, tips, and other useful solutions!

    Website url: Fix Exe so you can see what type of content do I need.

    Please note: I had not-so-great experience with previous writers, so I don't like all posts posted on the site, some are too general, some outdated,...

    Articles I like:

    Only Contact Me If..
    - you love technology and geeking
    - you are reliable and dedicated person who can take care of my software blog really well
    - you can provide quality content
    - you can speak perfect English
    - you can use WordPress; write content, upload pictures,..
    - you work as an individual - which mean you don't hire people to work instead of you

    I Don't Need People..
    - who want to make easy money
    - who will write general articles
    - who write on 100 niches (no offense but I expect from you to have knowledge)
    - who will send me a premade message saying "i can do this" - it just doesn't attract me anymore

    Please only serious people with perfect English. No tools are allowed for re-writing, only manual way!

    Weekly payment to Paypal.

    If you are interested in writing for this website please send me a private message with some useful information such as rate, experiences,...

    I look forward to working with professional and reliable guy who can take care of the blog as his own!
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    Why does it make someone geeky if they have knowledge in technology?
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