I am in need of someone who can get website hits. PAYING $$$

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    I am currently looking for someone who can get website hits on IMDb profiles. The purpose of this is to raise the STARmeter of that persons profile. IMDb calculates the STARmeter based on among other things how popular a person is and how many people are viewing the profile each week. I was successfully using a program called JingLing made by FlowSoft to get hits on my profile. However, three weeks ago IMDb changed their algorithm which now doesn't seem to be counting the hits from this program as you can see from the rankings below.

    2013 Jun 30 92,765
    2013 Jun 23 46,575
    2013 Jun 16 26,134
    2013 Jun 9 918
    2013 Jun 2 3,573
    2013 May 26 3,131
    2013 May 19 2,655

    "We do not disclose the exact mechanism behind STARmeter, or details behind how individual rankings were calculated" that is from IMDb.

    To be in the top 5,000 on IMDb takes around 10,000 hits per week. Does anyone know of a way to get hits that will be counted by the new parameters of IMDb? I tried autosurf exchange sites but to no avail. I have tried proxies in the past but that didn't work either. My knowledge on different options is somewhat limited so I am hoping someone with a deep understanding of this can help me out. I am willing to pay a lot of money for a solution to this problem. P.S. it would be great if the solution for IMDb worked on getting YouTube views as well.

    Thanks a lot for any help.
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    send me a pm. I might be able to help you out with it.
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    My first thought would be to use ppv popunders and fake the referrers to news articles about the individual.

    Whatever strategy you select I would do a small test on someone else's profile first to avoid any penalty or unwanted attention if you get caught.
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    I am also looking for the exact same thing Nick is. Nick if you would like to try and work together to find an soloution let me know, Im game. This new IMDb change really sucks for me.
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    I also can help if you are looking for cheap website hits. All my traffic is from real visitors (redirected traffic) instead of a bot. PM me for price information.