I Am Getting Ton Of Views On Instagram And Losing $$$ :( [Help Me!!!]


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Sep 4, 2022
Hi There,

So I have an Instagram account (DIY, Beauty, Fashion) 90% of the account reach is Females and from MiddleEast, and the videos get at least 10k views, and every 3 to 6 videos one goes viral and passes the 1 million views (Most of them on Facebook), so I am wondering if there is any way to make money from it, I was thinking of selling Ads spaces on my Instagram account for a cheap price (But the problem I don't know where I can get people that want to advertise on my Instagram account) or doing affiliate, so any new ideas or tips for the ideas I mentioned up !?
What you can do is maybe reach out to other influencers in the niche your posting about and offer them a deal where you can post their content on your page for x amount and they will get tagged in the posts so that the traffic can go to their page.
Check what other are doing with similar account, reach and engagement and try to copy paste their monetization statergy. Put a pinned post or in the bio that your account is available for advertising.
create an ebook of beauty hacks and offer that for free on the landing page and collect emails there in exchange for an ebook, later on, sell campaigns in newsletter to those emails and promote CPA, affiliate or any product in the newsletter
Partner with beauty and fashion brands that appeal to your Middle Eastern female audience. Offer them your engagement data and offer sponsored posts.
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