I am expanding my services - Design, Graphics, PHP, Adobe After Effects. Look Inside

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Jul 21, 2008
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As most of you know I do alot of members LP and mini site designs. I am wanting to expand past that. I have taken on a partner and now we can offer the following:

*Landing Page & Website Design
*PHP & Database
*Adobe After Effects projects
*3d Modeling

Some of my reviews are

As always, I give xplicit a huge nod of approval. He always does a great job for me and gets the jobs done in a very timely manner. If you have anything you need done, don't hesitate to have him do it.

I had xplicit make a LP for me and I was very impress how fast he did the work and very professional!!

I highly recommend xplicit if you want a Landing Page or any type of website to be created, very good graphics and like I said very professional!


X just did a "knock-out", website for me! (GetWebsiteTraffic.org)
This guy is the best!!

Xplicit built me a landing page in about 30 minutes that was exactly what I was looking for... Simply put, he is a professional with a direct appreciation of superb customer service. I needed more help, and he was there to offer it... Very professional, high quality, highly recommended!

(Check the link in my sig for more if needed)

If you need anything done, Shoot me a PM and we can go from there.

Or you can give me a shout on any of the messengers.

Msn - [email protected] (not my email)
Yahoo - laflair13
AIM - xplicit1324

As I've said a million times and I'll probably say a million more, xplicit does all of my work in web design and SEO. He's the best and most reliable I've worked with. I highly recommend him!
Xplicit's service are very professionally made! I love the design he made for me and can't get enough of it

Xplicit is by far the best designer in BHW and I highly recommend his design services
Xplicits the MAN!! I highly recommend him. Xplicits real easy to work with and the work is top notch at a very fair price!!! Too fair actually!;)
Had a real good conversation with Xplict today man if you need someone who is real and who wont short change you with quality then Xplicts your person. Am excited to do business with him and i am just patiently waiting for him to begin Work on my project.
Dang ya'll. Very much appreciate the comments.
website? with examples?

Opps, I swore I added that to the first post.

Examples can bee seen at


A few more sites I have done are




It would be useful if you actually publish your average rates here.

Rates vary upon job, so theres no since in posting them.
Hey Xplicit.. I sent you a PM for a header, let me know

I have 2 websites that dont convert at all. What would you charge to do a fixer uper?
Can you customize Joomla sites? Might need some database work too.

PM Sent
I need a static non-animated header for a mortgage site.
something kind of unique and subtle.
NOTE: It is "NOT a landing page". 750 x 200 & lite weight.
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