I am drunk, and expressing something

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    Let me first tell you that I am very much drunk today.
    I am an indian and i want to write something about myself here.
    forst that i am a webmaster and am making around $1000 from several sites doing affiliate marketing. $1000 in india is a very good amount but the only thing is that i am getting traffic from google which i dont rely. If google decides to punish me(although i don't do any blackhat seo) then all my source of income is gone.Also i must tell you that I am currently a self-dependent doctor and am very much interested in doing a specialization in the fields of medicine. but how can i do it without sacrificing the webmaster's duty. its difficult for me to read along with doing affiliate promotion. so for a while i did what my heart wanted-i.e earning money through internet. today i am happy that atlest i do something which i like to do. but for the rest of my life and gaining reputation, i have to become a medicine specialist. for that i am going to srudy and forget about spending aroubd 10 hours each day on internet(sorry to say that , but i have to do it for self-respect and fame0
    anuways i want to say sorry if i have spoken rubbish.
    and a last thing, I dont have a girlfriend because i am too shy person. i would love to have somebody, but the girl should take the initiative. so far i have secluded myself from girls becaus i have a weak point that i fall for girls very easily. so the best thing to control myself was just by aoiding myself from girls. i am both sorry for this decission and happy at the same time. i seem like a stern person infront of my friends , but actually i am a weak inner person somewhere.
    anyways my story is a very frustated one and i nomore like to extend anymore. have a good life and my best congratulations to everybody.
    i am again sorry if i have spoken something RUBBISH in this thread. i just wanted to tell this to somebody, so i wrote it here.
    bye and thanks for reading!
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    That settles it. One of the most eyebrow-raising-giggle-evoking intros I've ever read lol thanks for providing giggles. Welcome from one newbie to another. Don't worry shy boys are considered adorable and the unleash the inner dominatrix in us girls. And you have an admirable career! The time will come. Patience hon, patience. :D
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    stop drinking you are embarrassing yourself