I am done!!!


Feb 28, 2013
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My business crashed, I was making like 1500 usd per month, now barely 500, i even made 5000 once few years back....
now business is down the gutter, my industry became competitive....apparently companies go to other service providers that are cheaper......
sucks....or maybe I just dont know how to keep customers....i mean they are rich companies...and then they barter so much and take the cheaper providers.....
i dont know what to do......
i have started online business like 12 years go, did not go to office to work anymore, travelled the world....it sucks....everybody is online now, it is so hard.....
take it as a wake up call, take a deep breath and look at what you offer, can you do it better. Customer service, expert advice etc. Take time and look at your competitors, what are they doing? Can you do it better?
Never, ever be scared of competition, was Facebook scared when they entered the market, there was already big social media sites about when they came on the scene, facebook just did it better.
don't panic
They're rich exactly because they're constantly looking to cut their bill.
Customers just leave me, they buy services for like a year, then suddenly, I dont hear from them anymore......is it because I am too mice via email....and others are not, I always use like "yours" etc, being always polite, always responsing immediately to their emails
today I was mailing a customer that I worked with for a year.....and asked him if he will use my services, he said he found another company that does that same thing for half of the price......
and there are other companies that offer even higher price than me....
I use to have a monopoly in this field like 10 years ago, now theere are more and more companies , but I rank in top 3 for the keyword, but still loosing clients...sucks...maye it is just bad luck....I am clueeless...
They're rich exactly because they're constantly looking to cut their bill.
no they are cih because they sell expensive products with high profit rate.....they re fucking millionares, and still are cheap....there is nothing about being loyal to them
I know one company, rich as fuck....they use Carmen Electra as a model, and now the guy does not even respond for over 1 week after giving them invoice...so I guess they will not pay.....
it sucks.....
I m adoing youtube as a side hobby, but that does not take off....it is so hard to live from youtube....I have university, worked 1 year in office, then y business took off, now I am 40 and no office experience...got savings....but business falled apart....it sucks really bad, I used to work like 1 hour per day......and made like 2k per month.....
That is why you failed working 1 hour days, you had to learn new things to keep your cash flow
if you give up than your competitor will be more than happy.
Take some time to rest. Cool off. Think about where you went wrong and where you want to be when you're 50 or 60.

Rest, think, then when you're all clear, you start acting again.

I know a story of a person who started their business when they were 56 years old. He is filthy rich today at 70.
This is the time to stay cool and re-evaluate your things. Start to analyze what the situation is and what the problem is and think about your clear position that is your business still exists, then you can evaluate your services are valuable to your customers? and they satisfied?
Make an out of box thing on your business and provide some innovative services to the customers. Hope you will be rock again!
Way I look at it, you've got 2 options..

1) give up like a little bitch.
2) adapt. See where you went wrong, what are your competitors doing better? Ask your clients for feedback? Use your analytics to see where your losing conversions and optimize.

1 less competitor.
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Hate to say this, but at this point, if you give up that easily you deserve to loose the business. You know how many times I went from taking in cash to making pennies. Pull you pants up and rebuild. What you are doing is not working, so find out what will work. Easy money is only easy for so long, when people find out about it they hop on. It's your job to find out what's next and where you can make money, otherwise you may as well go work at a McDonalds.
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