I am competing with AssociatedContent and Bukisa

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    UCG sites are known from their acronym that means User Generated Content. This simply means that the bulk of content on their website comes from general users. There are considerable portals in profit today that operate under such a concept. Few pay members for their participation and a few others allow revenue sharing from the website's traffic.

    Example ventures are http://www.bukisa.com & http://www.associatedcontent.com.

    After much research and critical analysis on this particular industry, I have found a sizable amount of entry into this market for an upstart competitor. Many veteran businessmen and businesswomen have dug through my executive summary, business plan, marketing plan and analysis, as well as profit numbers and exit strategy and have critiqued it to its fullest extent.

    This venture needs partners to help raise necessary venture capital as well as general help and guidance for this project. I am looking for around 3-4 total partners in this venture but will consider more. Equity share then we shall decide on profit sharing soon thereafter.

    Please send me an email to [email protected] and please send either a resume, a website portfolio, or whatever you can conjure to show some credibility and internet business experience.
    (Your investment is not needed but if liquid cash is on hand, please include that as well in the email)

    I look forward to making this journey and long and prosperous one for all involved an plan on holding some great friendships as well.

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    If you didn't knew.. Bukisa DOESN't MAKES Much at all from their traffic.
    Just do some simple calculation yourself and you will see why ;)