I am bored, it is flooded outside, and need to start this thread.

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    Sorry guys, I am in Florida right now and it is flooded once again where I can not leave my area. So I am forced stuck at home on the blackhatworld right now bored. So here is introduction of my self, lets see if we can meet up with some new BHW members.

    About Me:

    I have been marketing online now for 3 successful years along with being a full time pre-med student. My goals are to become a surgeon some of my family. I first got my start online after I got fired from a phone sales job for wearing flip flops and back talking to manager. (ironic, the sales job was for American eagle outfitters). And let me tell you, that was the best damn fire from a job that I could of ever asked for!

    My main market online is software tools for social networking websites along with CPA, and affiliate marketing.

    Best month for me, my profits were at a little over $23,000 in just one month. Took most of that and placed in 2 CD's to grow interest and have fall back money on. But in this economy right now, that did not work out so well.

    What about you?