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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by HappyS, Jan 14, 2014.

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    I would like to start a SEO service here on BHW, also to sell on eBay but can't because PayPal is not allowed in my country. I heard that having a "fake" PayPal account carry risks.

    How you guys from PayPal non-allowed countries are doing business?

    1. This guy says that he created a fake US Paypal account from his computer in Pakistan then connected it to Payoneer. All he do is using different IPs and clearing all cookies. If I do this, how much likely PayPal will ban me when it sees Serbian IP with US Paypal?


    2. Can I have only Payoneer and Skrill as a payment option, and expect not to have too much orders cancelled/rejected, because lack of PayPal?
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    What I don't live in a country where it's not accepted but this can be easily bypassed.

    1. Get a VPS, ether buy one or look up amazon EC2 I believe they have free vps servers you can run.
    * VPS will have a dedicated IP. So no worries about your country
    * You will connect to your vps via Remote Desktop feature in windows (you could also connect via MAC).
    * Make sure (if you are going to buy a VPS somewhere) that the vps is in the united states.
    * A vps is like connecting to a mini computer so don't worry about cookies and other junk.

    2. After the vps part, make a paypal account

    * For the address, use a visual office address. Some address (not P.O) that you have to pay for monthly, and it as to be in the USA also.
    * Phone number can be a voip service or gmail voice or some thing around those lines so you won't get limited.
    * Now last thing is you can put the payoneer on your account and you should be fine just make sure you're connected to the VPS the entire time.

    I know a lot of people that do this and it's safe and it works just takes some time when you're in a country that it doesn't support paypal.
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    The only real risk of stealth accounts is your money being locked up easily which can happen with a real
    account too. Paypal in general is a big risk and you could use something like 2checkout which accepts paypal
    for your clients sake but you do not need a paypal account.

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    You're going to get a lot more business if you're using Paypal. You should also be fine to use a proxy with Paypal. The real issue is trying to get the money from your Paypal account to your bank account. I don't think that will be possible. Buy you shouldn't have any issues using the funds for purchases or you could even transfer the funds to someone else.

    Just make sure that when you get a proxy/vpn that it's not "abused", in the sense that other people haven't used it for malicious activity on Paypal. That is why you will want to get a private proxy. It's just like if you were to use a public proxy for Google, your account sure as hell will have to be verified because there are all sorts of other people on the same IP creating accounts and doing god knows what else.

    Edit: I also forgot to mention that there are some people out there who will trade other currencies (like Skrill) for Paypal. I don't know if I would recommend it though. I hear that Paypal takes it very seriously.
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    Use other payment processor here, or even bitcoins
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    I know someone who will let you put money in there account and then send to your other PayPal. Just have to pay %. Trustworthy guy. While stealthaaccounts work I'm always set on caution when it comes to money
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    United Kingdom
    Lack of paypal will definitely hurt your business I'm not gonna lie.