I am an idiot, someone good with Windows & really smart pls help!!

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    This is driving me insane. I swear I'm not a noob, I just did something stupid and I totally messed up, I just don't know what I did and it's making me nuts!

    Ok, so I made an adult picture gallery. I don't know wtf I did but when I look at my gallery folder (just a folder with images inside an the index.html page) something weird is going on... You know how Windows shows a preview thumb of the "big picture" so you can see what it is? Ok, well it shows one thing but when I click on it, its another image (in my gallery)... I don't know wtf I did. I tried clearing my cache etc.

    For example, on my live gallery, one of the images is named butt-shot.jpg and when I click on the thumb, it goes to the big pic of her butt, which is how it is supposed to be! But when I look at my gallery folder in windows the thumb named butt-shot.jpg is that of her in another pose but when I click on it, it is that of the correct image...

    I guess this question has nothing to do with the gallery... how come when i look at an image in windows folder it shows image A but then when I click it, it shows image B... What did I do wrong?

    And the butt shot picture is somehow renamed something else...

    Its like the thumbs is of one image but when I click it, it shows a different image... I am talking about clicking the thumbs in the folder not even that of in the gallery. I didnt link it wrong, I used a thumbnailer program.

    I just cant figure out wtf i did.