I admit it I am Baffled with ppv

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by fbrcold, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Ok guys. I have figured out the biz as I have been doing this for a while. Search, Social, SEO, CL, Display got it. When it comes to PPV I am f'ing clueless. I have tried scraping using aff expert, research keywords, but cannot get a hit here. I am using Flogs and farticles with 1 and 2 step that I use on search. I have my ppv popup the right size and have tried the stop method, email, and still nothing. When I target URL's in mediatraffic I get 0 traffic and my bid is always higher than competition. So I go with keywords like cialis for example which get traffic but suck. Can anyone give me a little advice here and if I can trade any info I would be more than happy to. Just ask. And yes I have read and read and read but I am missing something here. Thanks in advance
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    i agrees with you .. the best thing is to test , collect data , analyze then tweak & repeat and you would get good results :)
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    PPV needs a lot of testing unlike PPC. You HAVE TO test different landing pages, sizes, different companies. You cannot expect to get great results with a small budget or no testing.

    You need to get the urls as targeted as possible. Use alexa to get the highest traffic websites - Should give you a good start. Target the products that you are selling. If you can't design landing pages yourself .. hire someone to design a great landing page for you. landing page is the key to success here.

    Hope this helps
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